New Entrepreneurs: Clubmapp

Monaco is one of the best destinations for good quality time-spending: restaurants, bars, opera, casino and, of course, the clubs. Due to the compact size of the Principality, you can go to more than one or two places on your night out. But how to find the top places for that particular night? Ask friends? Or hotel receptionist? Or just people in the street? These days we have technology to help us and Marc Thormählen knows a solution to all your questions about spending a night to remember in Monaco.

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Marc is currently obtaining his Master’s Degree in Luxury Hospitality at the International University of Monaco. Marc is young, full of ideas and loves to go out. Not so long ago, together with a group of friends he established a new company and created a new smartphone application named Clubmapp.

The story behind the idea of Clubmapp is very simple – Marc just wanted to make his life and life of his friends easier in terms of choosing a place to party, so he came up with a plan to develop a special tool that would serve to create great clubbing experience through building a community where people could get help and help each other. If you download the Clubmapp you will see how easy it is to navigate. You will find all clubs and bars around your location with the detailed information about the place including the program for tonight and ‘vibe flow’. In addition, you can chat with other users and exchange pictures – great option to find new friends!

Today, Clubmapp is covering over 750 clubs in Germany and whole Monaco. Next steps are Paris and London.

Let’s try to download this new interactive app and enjoy its benefits to the fullest!



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