It all looks simple, but we know how important practical everyday information is. Simple things like parking, bus system or timetable if you don’t speak French might become a nightmare. So this page is dedicated to basics. Basics, which, however, are very important. We have thought of you and here you go little list to make your life easier.

We are constantly updating this page, so if you don’t find what you are looking for today, check it tomorrow, we might have just gone busy collecting valuable info for you.


1) Parking. If you have your shiny Bently or little Polo, get prepared to pay:

Under 1 hour: 0 Euro

From 60 to 80 minutes: 2,40 Euro

From 80 to 260 minutes (every 20 mins): 1,00 Euro

From 260 to 300 minutes (every 20 mins): 0,70 Euro

From 300 to 600 minutes (every 20 mins): 0,20 Euro

From 600 to 660 minutes (every 20 mins): 0,10 Euro

From 7pm until 8am (every 20 mins): 0,10 Euro

Lost ticket: 20 Euro

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2) Little tourist train. Yeah, if you are round you must have seen that white-red little fairy cutie.  Hope on for the tour in 12 languages.  It starts at Place d’Armes and goes all the way up to Port “Hercule”