“We are  looking for articles related to Monaco : new trends in fashion , interviews with inspiring people, business owners , articles about your dining experiences, reviews of concerts, nightclubs and you personal adventures in Monaco.”

At Made in Monaco we’re always on the lookout for talented bloggers and journalists with something to say. If you have any interesting stories about Monaco or are simply fascinated by the idea of writing about one of Monaco’s most iconic areas, we’d love to hear from you! Simply send an email to eva@madeinmonacomag.com describing what you’d like to write about along with some examples of your writing talent (e.g. articles, your blog, posts you’ve contributed elsewhere, etc.) and we’ll be sure to get in touch!



  1. Bethany Ruane

    Dear Made In Monaco Team,

    I am currently studying English at the University of Leeds and have a huge interest in pursuing journalism. I have an enthusiastic and deep understanding of current and past trends, fashion designers, photographers, bloggers and how fashion is perceived in the online media. I am also fascinated with luxury brands as well as developing my own personal style. I constantly keep up to date with, as well as frequently enjoy discovering, online blogs and publications. 

    I am a very creative thinker and designer and interested in formulating unique and exciting ideas. I enjoy challenging and questioning the female role in society in terms of fashion and hope my work reflects this. I write for several publications such as weekendnotes.com,Her Campus online magazine and Leeds Student Newspaper. 

    You can see examples of my work at niamh-ruane.blogspot.co.uk. My tumblr is niamh-ruane.tumblr.com, my pinterest is http://www.pinterest.com/bethanyruane93/boards and my polyvore is http://niamh-ruane.polyvore.com/ which hopefully exemplify my style and interest in fashion. 

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