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We are presenting our new section. Exciting business, new ideas and fresh air of Monaco tech scene.

Today we are talking to Sebastian Lange, founder of Monaco-Ventures.

 Monaco Ventures Founder MIM. What is Monaco Ventures? (in a nutshell)

Sebastian Lange: It’s a new online platform that connects people and their great ideas to others who can and want to support them. We are taking the popular trend of crowdsourcing and bringing it to the Monaco society. Monaco Ventures hope to match active people - entrepreneurs, charities, businesses, artists, event organisers, anyone who has a great idea – to the people who can help contribute to realising their dreams and visions.

MIM. Why did you decide to start Monaco Ventures? 

SL: This was inspired by my own personal experience when I had been visiting Monaco. I began to understand the Principality has special positive energy and Monaco Ventures offers the perfect platform to gather these individuals who, with their friends and others can get together and work on fun, social events and projects, spreading the word and helping them gain momentum. From an event which local charity will be benefiting from, a hobbyist who wants to organise a fun day with his friends to a visionary who has a revolutionary new product, Monaco Ventures is for everybody. It’s about doing good, while having fun.


MIM. What is your background/experience as Founder?

SL: I graduated as an engineer in Germany, but went on to set up a web marketing company 15 years ago that serves international clients today. In the past I’ve also consulted and helped entrepreneurs with high quality business ideas to connect online with the right people to make their ideas happen.

MIM. Why is Monaco Ventures good for Monaco?

SL: We hope to enable people to realise their dreams, whatever the scale, with calculated less risk and more chance to get the vital funding they require to launch and succeed. Monaco Ventures shares the Principality’s key motivation to be a hub of progress and innovation. Projects that will be fun, meaningful and could change the world in a  positive way.


MIM. Any plans or projects coming up?

SL: At the moment we are in negotiation with a variety of projects that include local entrepreneurs, event hosts, artists, designers and charities.


MIM. What do you enjoy most about living/working in MC?

SL: It’s the positive energy of Monaco that inspires me, its rich history of arts, tradition and culture, teamed up with its strive for progress and innovation is a unique formula in a special location, exemplifying its global image of think tank and networking hub.

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By Diego Beccaro


  1. JMI

    Really interesting Diego, thanks​!​

    I think that you would be really interested in some recent research that I have come across about crowds and citizen science.​ ​In particular I feel you may find these two emerging pieces of research very relevant: 

    - The Theory of Crowd Capital

    - The Contours of Crowd Capability

    Powerful stuff!

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