BIC.MC Because I CAN!

By D.F.B.

The build up to my meeting with Maximilian Quehl was a chance encounter. A mutual friend told me about Maximilian’s activities and contacts around the principality, he thought Maximilian would be an interesting person to interview, albeit if he consented to it.

I contacted Maximilian who graciously agreed to meet for coffee during his down time at the Monte-Carlo country club. I arrived at the MCCC slightly early and sat down on the outside terrace after patiently explaining myself to the kind-faced receptionist who doubled as MCCC gatekeeper. There’s an inexplicable air of peacefulness about the MCCC, tranquil with the only sounds being those of tennis matches going on around the grounds, the occasional splash from the pool area and the distant rumble of cars, strange as the club is surrounded on all sides by roads and one would expect the noises to be louder.

I ordered a noisette from the impeccably dressed waiter and drank in my surroundings, sitting above the Mediterranean with views over Monte-Carlo beach hotel, the historic Villa de la Vigie and Monte-Carlo Bay hotel off to the right, the area was very scenic, quite agreeable for an afternoon meeting I decided. At that moment a shadow fell across the table and I looked up at what I assumed was my meeting. Greeted by a healthy tan and a matching description to that of my friend I stood up to shake hands.

Relaxed, polite and friendly were the initial impressions as Maximilian Quehl sat down, summoned the waiter and ordered a cappuccino. Right off the bat Max was an interesting guy if not somewhat cautious about choosing his words, that eventually fell away as the conversation continued. “I’m normally not the biggest fan of interviews” he explained, “not personal ones anyway” he laughed, “normally I would be in your place asking a client the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s and how’s of the project at hand”. This is what we were here to discuss so I jumped right in with my questions.

MIM: Tell us a little about yourself, What is you background? Experience/studies/work hobby/interests…

MQQ: My name is Maximilian, I am German and I lived, worked and studied in Germany, London, Asia, Los Angeles and Monaco. I hold a Bachelor in. Business Administration and a Master in International Business and Global Affairs. My work experience varies and includes acting, modeling, a job at Germanys largest oil and gas company, a marketing agency, a Kindergarten in London, social Banking, event organization in LA and freelance consulting jobs, which have all lead me to what I’m doing today; BIC.
My main interests outside of work are art, design and gym, however I’m lucky to be able to say that I’m genuinely passionate about my work, it is my main interest, and I give 110% to my business because of it.

MIM: What is BIC.MC, and what do the initials stand for?

MQQ: BIC.MC stands for ‘Because I Can’ marketing consultancy in Monte-Carlo. We do market research and give marketing advice to numerous companies around the globe.

MIM: Why did you decide to start BIC.MC?

MQQ: I decided to create my own company whilst still at university. It allows me to incorporate and utilize my international background, divers interests and creativity without getting bored; I’m always working on different projects.

MIM: Why did you decide to set up shop in MC after having lived and travelled so extensively? Is there a certain aspect of the principality that specifically entailed you to starting BIC here?

MQQ: (laughs) Good question, Well, I lived and studied in MC for a while before I came up with BIC. I instantly fell in love with the country and found a good excuse to stay. Everything in the principality is very condensed, it doesn’t take long to get from A to B and I made some really good friends who make me feel at home in Monte-Carlo.
I think I bring a very open mind and a creative new spirit to Monaco and in return it has treated me with great business opportunities and lots of sun of course!

MIM: Any plans or projects coming up?

MQQ: (Huge grin) Ohhh yes, BIC.MC has a big project coming up. I’m currently consulting for an internationally renowned brand on effectively structuring and hosting an event around the 2014 Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco. At the same time I just started doing market research for a sizeable project in Germany.

MIM: Any chance of an invite to the Formula 1 event?

MQQ: (Another huge grin) I’ll keep you posted..

MIM: And finally, What inspires you the most about working in MC? What do you enjoy the most about living here?

MQQ: I love all the myths about Monaco and the magic that surrounds the Principality. Here you really have the feeling the sky is the limit and its of great value to me and my business that so many wealthy and successful people gather here from all around the world. I enjoy Monaco being this peaceful, slightly surreal bubble and my travels worldwide inspire and balance me so I never lose touch with the real world.



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