What to wear for New Year

With the biggest night of the year approaching quickly, it’s the final moment to choosing what you would be wearing, our fashion sub – editor Liucija Gaidukaite has picked up 3 outfits for you that will make you outshine anyone.

Somebody loves it, somebody hates it, but hardly anyone stays indifferent.

sister_jane_NYEveThe first option by Sister Jane is cheap but definitely not bad. The secret of this dress is the colour. Metallic finish and imitation of the feathers reminds us royal birds. I would add a headband or little fascinator to get that ultimate dramatic look like a phoenix that steps into a New Year.

Price: less than 100 Euro




FrenchConnectionNYEveThe next option is from French Connection. If you are going to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in a big city this is the outfit to go for. First of all it will be very comfortable. Second of all, you won’t get cold waiting for a taxi (let’s face the fact that to get the taxi in NY Eve is an absolute nightmare!!). Finally, it is sexy and I bet you will be one of those few girls that are wearing something more interesting than a dress. Especially if you have a figure to be proud of you should try to get in this gorgeous jumpsuit. Accessories here are quite important but I must say you need to be very careful with that since this item is shiny (which is good for NYE) so I would use only one more colour and it would be very classic red. Just add red lipstick and red killer heels and no doubt you will get some attention.

Price: Less than 300 Euros


Dina Bar-El NewYearsEVeFinally, the last choice from Dina Bar-El. This is what I call ultimate luxury. Nothing is needed what is unnecessary. Just the perfect shape. The dress speaks for itself. All you need is the necklace you never dare to wear. I personally would admire pearls on the neck. Funny enough but the name of this dress is Audrey. Feminine, elegant and only for people with an expensive taste.

Price: Over 1000 Euros

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