sass cafe monaco 20 years anniversary

Sass Cafe’s 20th Birthday Gatsby Style

Made in Monaco had the pleasure of attending 1 of the biggest parties of the year, 20 years of Sass Café in Monaco. Renowned for its location on Avenue Princesse Grace, Sass Café is a restaurant and nightclub popular among residents, celebrities and tourists alike and now soon to be opening in Dubai too. This event was particularly exciting as the theme for the evening was “Gatsby”…sass cafe

As we cruised the winding driveway up to the famous “Salle des Etoiles”, we were surrounded by a bevy of classic cars dating from the 1920’s and their drivers in matching full attire. We circled the roundabout ready to join the rest of the party crowd waiting outside the venue and experienced a scene straight out of a film. Policemen surrounded the car with their tommy guns in hand and started a firing frenzy with the gangsters hidden among us, several dropping to the floor dead as we joined the queue outside.

We had been transported to the Great Gastby’s era and as we revelled in our excitement it soon fizzled out after waiting nearly 1 hour and a half to enter the premises. We were ushered from queue to queue and guests quickly grew tired of waiting as many abandoned the cause and left to return home. We held out on our frustrations in anticipation to reach the finish line and finally made it into the “Sporting” to enjoy the festivities with our friends.

The room was covered in diamonds, crystal chandeliers and entertainment at each corner, from tap dancers on stage to women in feather boas lounging in bath tubs. Women were dressed to the nines in feathers, pearls, diamonds, beads, silk gloves, flapper dresses, headbands adorned with feathers and jewels and the men dapper in tuxes, suspenders, fancy waistcoats, with panama & boater hats.

We circled the room greeting our friends and crossed many famous faces including Felipe Massa, Eddie Jordan, Victoria Silvstedt, Julian Lennon and Bono.sass cafe monaco

The main man Sammy Sass soon took to the stage to welcome his guests, thank his family and introduce the main talent of the evening Mr. Jamie Foxx! The Birthday Celebrations were announced as dollars bills and confetti showered down upon us from the ceiling above and Jamie Foxx sang us into the night, a memorable evening not soon to be forgotten…

By Sophie Kirby & Anna Morton


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