International fireworks competition

Remember how much you have enjoyed fireworks when you were a child? Monaco is the destination for spectacular fireworks perfectly synchronized to music on the Mediterranean sea. This summer schedule began Saturday, the 6th of July with a spectacular show by Canadian team that has open the 45th International Fireworks competition on the Quai Rainier III.


The next ones to watch and get excited are:

  • Spain. Friday, 26th of July. Starts at  22 o’clock
  • Italy. Friday 9th of August. Starts at 21-30
  • China. Wednesday 21st of August. Starts at 21-30

The competition is held during the sumer and the winner returns November 18 to create the fireworks display on the evening before the National Holiday.

Where to watch from:

There is good viewing from several locations: around the port sitting at a café, from the palace area or along the ramparts of Fort Antoine, and just off the Casino Terrace.


If you are somewhere in the world, just go online to  and watch it from the comfort of your own home.



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