Mulled Wine

mulled wine monacoThere is no better hot beverage than mulled wine during cold winter season. Mulled simply means heated with spices. It is a traditional drink „designed“ to warm us up and bring us to Christmas atmosphere. Charles Dickens gets the credit for elevating mulled wine into a traditional holiday drink as drink appeared in several of the beloved novelist’s books.

If you would like to prepare mulled wine by your own start by selecting a proper wine in my opinion the best would be Zinfandel or Syrah which are composing very well with oranges and along with spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger. If you prefer sweeter taste do not hesitate to add some honey. Please remember that you should just heat the wine don’t let it to boil as all the alcohol will disappear J Recipe is very simple but if you are still to lazy you can go and try mulled wine at the Christmas Village in Monaco open until Sunday 5th of January.

Yours truly,

Aleksandra Kackowska


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