Indian food illusion

Being spoiled by London diversified food scene, I was craving for some Indian food last Saturday evening. Indian restaurants in English capital for sure serve some of the best and cheapest Indian food in Europe, with many sweetening deals with special endless offers. Being told by a good friend that there is a new oriental cuisine hot spot in the bordering Beausoleil, I decided to try this “New Indien” restaurant.

So this lovely summer evening I was walking from Monaco to Beausoleil, enjoying the light breeze and thinking that in less than ten minutes I will be indulging in juicy seekh kebabs, loaded with cracked coriander seeds and chilli; pakora dipped in yoghurt sauce; sizzling chicken tikka; and the dish that it’s almost compulsory to order in any Indian place – hot, charred, gingery grilled lamb chops. My mind was drawing full-flavoured curries (tomatoey chana masala, of no even better one -  the slow-cooked ‘dry lamb’), and not to forget authentically dripping with ghee and unapologetically spicy, accompanied by tandoor-fresh breads. This all was sweetened by memories that Indian restaurants are famous for its low prices and I won’t go bankrupt for tonight’s meal.

To begin with place is properly Indian, it is originally decorated and on Saturday night it was packed. With a plate of popadums and dips while choosing the meal that all seemed like a nice start.

Disaster has started afterwards. After waiting for more than 35 minutes for the meal that takes 10 to prepare, my Indian salad, mixed grill and cheese Naan have finally arrived, but, unfortunately, didn’t make the grande entrance. You know, I love my Indian food –  I love the sharpness, I love the spices! 

What is served at the New Indien is a French sort of Indian food that is very far from being even an OK variant. It has zero passion, zero spice and zero heath. Mixed grill looked like we weren’t two minutes away from the fancy principality of Monaco but if we were somewhere in Africa where people are starving and there is war and no fresh food. Kebabs made from frozen meat looked the way someone has already chewed them, spitted back and here we go it is on the plate. Seafood and fish (salmon) part of the grill looked like we were somewhere in Siberian forest and not in the generous Mediterranean: green, unhealthy and not to mention, burnt. The Indian salad also seemed like an echo of post-war period when fresh vegetables were rare and ground wasn’t fertile enough to grow succulent tomatoes and salad. The only more or less eatable thing was cheese naan, which in its turn didn’t have much cheese in it.

Overall, in my opinion New Indien was created to please a French crowd that has no clue what Indian food is about.

Funny thing, I was warned that what ordered was very hot. No idea what they consider as hot here…But it was a breeze!


New Indien:

9, boulevard de la Republique, 06240 Beausoleil, France

+33 (0) 4 93 78 17 89


New Indien Beasuleil

Indian food

Mixed grill at New Indien



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