Avenue 31

Location: 31 Avenue Princesse Grace, 98000, Monaco

Cuisine: French & Japanese

Reservations: Reservations recommended

Hours:  12:00-14:30, 20:00-23:00

Parking: Complimentary valet park

Lunch break… Where to go?

Avenue 31 that‘s the place to be!

There is no doubt that this place has a charm as it’s always fully packed. Avenue 31 is a part of MONACO RESTAURANT GROUP; located in Larvotto, restaurant offers an amazing view on Avenue Princesse Grace and the seaside. In summer roof of the restaurant is open so you can enjoy the sun while you are eating.


Interior of Avenue 31 is very modern and for me reflects Monaco atmosphere, however, I would recommend you to book a table near the entrance as there are actually three dining rooms in which you can be seated. First room that I have on my mind has a nice view, where as others don’t have windows, but if you want to focus on the conversation it might be a plus.



Lunch menu is designed in the way that I am sure you gonna find something there for you! If you like meat or fish there is no problem! Sushi? Two options two choose from: sushi lunch (miso soup, assortment of sashimi roll & maki) or bento box (including tempura, & sea weed salad).

However, there is time I should stop being polite and say only positive comments about the restaurants I visited. It’s not that I would like to build an image of a bad girl, but I feel like I really need it to be honest with you. If you consider yourself as a sushi connoisseur I would advise you to avoid this meal in Avenue 31.

Each time I decide to order it, I am very disappointed, rice is kind of overcooked and each piece is just collapsing in the box, sashimi has this plastic taste, which I’ve never tasted anywhere else. It’s very sad because whole set menu looks really delicious.

What I would recommend you to try? Incredible black cod and luxury “black angus” tagliata all of them in accompany of puree with olive oil.

I recommend this place – it’s fancy but reasonable, inventive but precise, bold but not crazy.




Aleksandra Kąckowska

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