Judge me or not but I love Thursdays. For me they are empowered with special magic and luck. I always meet great people on Thursdays and one particular Thursday of 2014 was not an exception, it was actually a good prove for me to love them even more.

Here is the story… Before lunchtime, at the lobby of Metropole Hotel Monte Carlo I had a meeting with an amazing contemporary artist, young successful entrepreneur, wonderful husband to his wife, a son to be proud of and simply an interesting person – Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar. As an additional benefit of that day I met his beautiful wife Maria and in my coming articles you will have a chance to learn about her as well.

Coming back to Sassan, he was born in an artistic family in February 1984, in Paris, France. This fact gave him a chance to observe the art world inside and out since early childhood. Step by step he was trying his potential in painting at first, and then in sculpture, falling in love with both disciplines. Aside from exploring arts Sassan got his education in other spheres while creating his art works in parallel. Different angles and perspectives as well as incomparable life experiences formed Sassan’s unique manner, style and character.

Nowadays, Sassan expresses his creativity in painting and sculpture giving a special focus to portraits in acrylics. He says that he gets inspiration from everything but in portraits he wishes to establish a direct link between the person and the straight message behind the portrait. Sassan uses clear lines, warm rich colors and gold leaves to create the magic in each face. Personally, looking at his works I see not just a sophisticated contemporary portrait, I see the nature and beauty of the Middle East: warm sand, crystal clear water with all shades of blue and green, dark mountains and golden light of the sun.


Not so long ago Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar was offered residency at the Debut Contemporary gallery in London, UK. Simultaneously, Sassan’s portrait of Princess Soraya Esfandiari Bakhtiari, the Second Queen of Iran, an international icon who is also a member of the artists’ family tree, was recently sold by the Christie’s auction house. When painting this great woman Sassan wanted to bring her back to life in a contemporary manner and once again to prove her status of a timeless icon.


Quoting Sassan in regards his new portraiture works: “I am working on a special group of people I have put together – based on factors which are important to me – people who have an individual mind that I personally do find fascinating and unique forms and expressions in their faces.”


Apart from all that success as an artist Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar is doing a lot for emerging artists and people who wish to learn more about Persian heritage in the modern age. He opened an international platform named Project Gallery for artists to exchange ideas and experiences. Being an entrepreneur and artist is difficult but Sassan seems to juggle both very well.


Sassan has exhibited all around the globe from Abu Dhabi to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. His works today are on public display at the Debut Contemporary gallery in London with selected solo exhibitions coming soon in Hong Kong, London, Baku, Dubai and more.



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Charity. Magic of Persia –


By Aksinia Khlamova




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