Made in Monaco is a unique lifestyle concept magazine created with an idea of being a local guide to all the visitors and new residents of Monaco. It is here to help you find your best places, best events or to answer any questions you might have when it comes to the beautiful principality. Run by expats and locals it gives you multi-faceted perspective on the country.

Made in Monaco is a quarterly showcase of  not only the world of luxury, but it is a magazine made  for you by us guys next door to showcase the art of living, beauty, well-being, people and way more.  We don’t wanna show all  the glamour associated with Monaco, we rather tell you what real life is. Made in Monaco is a portrait of the people who make Monaco, just like me and you.

Moving to a new place or even just visiting has never been that easy, we are here to help you enjoy Monaco at its most!


Made in Monaco is designed for the international community so content generally is published in English/Russian/French/German/Italian.

Here at Made in Monaco we create vibrate and stimulating environment, with a supportive work community that cultivates a real hive of creative activity. It’s all about taking part in idea-based hands-on experiences. Respect for each others background and ideas is always encouraged, making Made in Monaco a great place to explore, collaborate and ultimately find your own voice. We encourage to think differenty and distinguish between “know how” and “know why”. Take full advantage of the opportunities to connect and learn from people – be it through competititon, team work or even just a chat.

Soak up as much as possible get stuck in and make as much happen for yourself as u can.  Gaining contacts and taking every opportunity is massively important.

If you also want to contribute to our exciting project, please drop us a line :)

Otherwise, just enjoy you read!